If you’ve been interested in getting a new ebike and have been doing a little research, you may have come across articles or videos debating the pros and cons of simply converting your old bicycle to an ebike with an electric bike conversion kit. While this can seem appealing, we truly believe that when it comes to an electric bike, the real thing can’t be beaten. A brand new ebike will always be the smarter choice.

Here are just a few reasons why.


Craft – Ebikes are Purpose-Built
Our ebikes are purpose-built from the ground up, with everything from the frame to the drive system crafted with power, performance, and reliability in mind. Electric bicycles are very different from standard bicycles, and the best ones are invariably designed as ebikes from the get-go rather than converted.

Every part of our ebikes from frame to wheel is designed with the goal of providing the most seamless electrically assisted rides possible. Our drive systems are integral, not an after-thought, which makes a huge difference when it comes to the quality of the vehicle and the riding experience.

Cost – Electric Bikes are Better Value than You Think
It’s quite common to hear that converting an old bicycle to an ebike is guaranteed to be more cost effective than buying a brand new electric bike. This is actually a myth based on the prices of ebikes when they first entered the market.

While it’s true that the cheapest electric bike conversion kit is likely to be cheaper than the cheapest ebike, you’re likely to be converting a frame that is older than the brand new one you’d get if you purchased a new electric bike. This makes your new ebike likelier to last much longer without needing any repairs. More importantly, high-quality ebikes are now much more competitively priced than before – like our NCM C7 which costs just $1,299, for example – meaning that, overall, they are very likely to be better value than an electric bicycle conversion kit.

Complexity – Cables, Motors and More

Whether a standard ebike or a converted one, electric bicycles are complex machines that not just anyone can take apart or put together. If you aren’t much of a tinkerer and don’t have experience with batteries, motors and cables, there’s a strong argument for leaving the building of your new ebike to professionals. Why spend the time and effort on a complicated conversion when you can simply order a premium ebike pristinely assembled by the pros?


Care – Exceptional Aftersales Service
When you purchase an NCM or ET.Cycle ebike from Leon Cycle, you also gain access to an aftersales service that we have spent years honing and take great pride in. If you convert with an electric bicycle conversion kit yourself and run into issues, you may find that you have no one to turn to. If you have any questions about an electric bike you bought from us, you have our customer service team and dealers just a phone call away to give you all the info and support that you need.

September 14, 2022 — Meg Yan