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Battery FAQs

The battery does not work

Some batteries need to be turned on before use. 

I5 – the latest series of NCM Moscow (push button level indicator)

R3S – NCM Munich/NCM Hamburg (Toggle switch on the bottom of the battery)

D5 – NCM Prague (push button on the side of the battery)    


- The battery must be correctly seated in the battery rail.  The battery poles must be in contact with the battery seat and the battery must be locked to avoid sparks and connection problems.    All batteries with on-switch must be turned off before removing them from the battery rail!    

- It is not allowed to open the battery case. If the battery is turned on and there is no connectivity problem obvious, make sure to replace the battery.

The battery can’t be charged

- The indicator on the charger turns green right after connecting it to the battery. It won’t turn red, but the battery is empty.  The indicator on the charger turns green if the battery is fully charged, if there is a problem concerning the charging fuse or if the battery is deeply discharged.  - Try an alternative socket.  - Replace charger - Check charging fuse. For most batteries it is possible to reach the charging fuse from the outside of the battery case. (B1U, I5-36V. R3S). If the battery does not have a cover with the inscription "FUSE" (e.g. I5-48Volt), the battery must be sent in and replaced, as an internal charge fuse can only be changed by qualified personnel.

Attention! Never ask the customer to open the battery case!   

- The charger shows neither green nor red.  There is a high probability that the charger is defective. Try an alternative socket outlet, otherwise replace the charger.  - The LED of the charger blinks. There is a high probability that the charger is defective. Try an alternative socket outlet, otherwise replace the charger.  - The charger must have the correct voltage for the battery to be charged.   Inscription on the back of the charger:   36V - 42V Charger 48V - 54V charger

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