Before getting a new electric bike there is one question to ask yourself that most important of all: what kind of ebike is right for you? There are many kinds of electric bicycle with many different names, and understanding the differences between them is key to making sure you choose the right one and get the most our of your purchase.

Read on to understand what the name of each ebike category means so that you can pick the perfect ride for you.


E-Fat Bikes

E-Fat bikes are named for their supersized fat tires, which allow the rider to travel over diverse terrains like sand and snow that would be very tricky to traverse even on a typical e-mountain bike. The extra width of the tires provides extra grip and traction, making an e-fat bike the perfect choice for adventurous riders in need of an electric bike that can take on terrains that would normally stop a cyclist in their tracks.

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E-Folding Bikes

Ideal for those that like to get in an RV and take their ebikes on the road in search of the best and most beautiful rides, e-folding bikes are specially designed for practicality and portability, with a foldable frame that makes them much easier to transport. Despite this they, they are no less able to pack the powerful motors, fat tires and rugged reliability of other trail-friendly ebikes, making them the perfect partner for any ride.

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September 14, 2022 — Meg Yan